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Details Of BOPP Adhesive Tape

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Details Of BOPP Adhesive Tape
Latest company news about Details Of BOPP Adhesive Tape

BOPP Adhesive Tape Introduction

BOPP adhesive tape is also known as adhesive tape, packaging tape, etc. It is based on BOPP FILM as a substrate, and evenly coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive emulsion to form a layer of glue ranging from 8μm to -28μm.Moreover,it is an indispensable item in light industrial enterprises, companies and personal life.
Generally, the BOPP virgin film used on tapes will be treated by corona,so the surface of the BOPP is rough,after that the glue is easily applied to the top to form the jumbo roll, then cut into small rolls of different specifications by a slitting machine.In addition, the main ingredient of Pressure sensitive adhesive emulsion is Butyl acrylate


Material BOPP film coated with water-based acrylic adhesive
Regular Thickness 38um-90um
Regular Length 20-1000m
Type Ordinary, printed,colored,crystal clear,low noise


  • Packing tape is widely applied in light industry and our daily lift . For instance,packing for food, medical, cloth, hardware, household electrical appliances industry etc.
  • Furthermore,also packing for the high-end, heavy-duty and special products.
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  • Good initial tack and strong adhesion.
  • Weather resistant, good tensile strength.

BOPP Adhesive Tape Categories

  • General type BOPP packing tape
  • latest company news about Details Of BOPP Adhesive Tape  1
  • Colored tape
  • latest company news about Details Of BOPP Adhesive Tape  2
  • Printed tape with advertise logo
  • latest company news about Details Of BOPP Adhesive Tape  3
  • Stationery tape
  • latest company news about Details Of BOPP Adhesive Tape  4
  • Crystal clear tape
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How to produce BOPP adhesive tape?


Water-based acrylic adhesive making

  • water-based acrylic adhesive raw material preparation: Butyl acrylate,and,additives for improve adhesive functions property, such as anti-freezing,low-noise ,viscosity etc.
  • adhesive reaction still preparation, about the volume output ,we should consider about the actual production capacity. In conclusion, we must know how many tons output of adhesives every day.


BOPP Film and paper core raw material preparation

  • BOPP Film preparation. We can purchase different thickness according to different thickness tape, ,such as, 23um,25um,28um etc. In addition, we should pay attention on the bopp film must be used for tapes, normally the surface of film will be treated by corona, so that easily stick.
  • Paper core. This is necessary consumable items, due to the big quantity demand, most factories will buy paper core making machine for producing by themself.


BOPP Tape Production lines

  • Bopp tape coating machine. this is the most important machine of the whole production line. Before choose the machine, we should clearly consider about our situation.For example:output, type of tapes,investment,workshop, competitiveness and margin etc. Normally we recommend that high speed machines,speed range: 150-250m/min. It can help us keep competitive in long term. If low output machine, it easily affect by raw materials cost changing. But anyway, we must choose the energy-saving and running smooth machine
  • Bopp tape slitting machine. After that coating machine, you will get jumbo roll, then you can use slitting machine to slit the jumbo roll into small pieces of tapes
  • Rewinding machine. Some client want to do premium type bopp tape, so that they will rewind firstly , then use cutting machine to cut, it can make the tape very nice. Very even tape edge, crystal clear, so that selling high profit in the markets.
  • Printing machine. If do the printed tapes, we should buy printing machine.Normally it’s a flexo printing machine, there have 2,4,6,8,10 colors printing machine is available in the market.
  • Packing machine. After slitting, then we will pack them.

BOPP Adhesive Tape Packing Type

How to pack your tape is also very important, it is highly affect the selling. Here I will list some regular packing way.

1: Tower packing with label

bopp adhesive tape tower packing with label

2: flat packing with label

flat packing with label

3: Printed shink

printed pack tape


4:Tape with dispenser

Tape with Dispenser




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